kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Teen Wolf

Ha, okay, so I finally made the plunge and started watching Teen Wolf.

My first impression was, "OMG, that show is so very teen", lol. I can't say that that there were fireworks and instant declaration of show love BUT the mere fact that I am currently finishing season 2 is enough for me to say that the show is OK and I'm gonna continue watching it :D

I like the lead kid, Tyler Posey, he's very cute. Unfortunately, none of the guys really do anything to me, same goes for OTPs, I'm very happy with the main het relationship, but sadly, there are no slash sparks in there for me :P

I guess I am forever cursed with Peter/Neal, they are my boys ♥ But yay for new show \o/

Tags: show: teen wolf
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