kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Somebody stop me (not :P)

Oh, I just couldn't resist and I just requested a Gen Bingo card, lol. No, I'm not abandoning my h/c bingo card, but since the Gen Bingo doesn't really have any deadlines, I figured I would request one and maybe one of my non-h/c posts could fill squares on the other card :D And if not, I'll just tackle it after I'm done with my h/c card :D I'll post it once I get it :D

In the meantime, I'm still updating my screencaps master list with new stuff. Today I suddenly felt like doing some Matty caps so I picked 3 MMXXL interviews and I shall be posting pretty pics in the next day or two :P And I shall dedicate one of the sets to sherylyn - it's "sock-less" Matty... or at least his feet are :P All of this in anticipation of all the great stuff coming in October - MMXXL, AHS and also a blu-ray release of Big Eden. Not sure if I'll actually buy the last one in October but I'll get the caps done sooner or later, heee :D

Stay tuned :P
Tags: type: ramble
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