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H/C bingo report :P

Bleh, my cable died about 3h ago, so I'm without Internet and TV and I'm currently using my phone as a laptop modem :P In a way I think it's the universe telling me to stop procrastinating and focus on work (I have a deadline on Monday). But it's so damn haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard when I have all these squares demanding attention, lol.

I'm so close to achieving that blackout on my H/C Bingo card!!! I have only 7 squares left to fill, which means I have already filled 18!!! *insane* :P I have one diagonal line, a few diagonal parallel lines and recently I realised that I also have the diamond bingo :D The squares that still need my attention are: healers, forced to participate in illegal activity, scepticemia/infected wound, theft, trapped together, therapy and non-con.

Healers - this one is actually done and I love the way it came out, gonna post it soon :D

Forced to participate in an illegal activity - my idea is to make something with Elizabeth maybe, just to have some variety. I can definitely use some ideas as to what scene I could put El in??

Infected wound - I think it's gonna be the very last square to be filled because I don't have a single solid idea for it /o\

Theft - this one is demanding my attention even right now, I came up with a very neat Neal-centric idea for it and it's gonna be one of those manips that require me to build the whole scene from scratch. I only have a photo of a room and all the items that I need there are gonna have to be added :D I love making such manips... and I need it ready ASAP *panics*

Trapped together - I do have an idea for it but I could actually use suggestions as to where I could trap our boys together. I already dumped Peter into that dungeon and I had Neal stuck with Keller in some basement... I could use something different :D

Therapy - my initial idea was to fill it with art for upcoming story but I don't think we can make it before the bingo deadline. And it's perfectly okay but that means I should start looking for a backup plan. What else can I do for therapy? I remember there was an idea to put Neal in a strait jacket but so far I haven't found a photo that I could use /o\

Non-con - this one is currently giving me a lot of grief. The idea I have is very evil prison-related thing and I can pull it off but I was wondering if there is anything else I could do to fill this square? What is the least evil visual idea that could be considered non-con?

Any help and cheers and cookies are greatly appreciated :P
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