kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Hell, yeah! AHS HOTEL

This is just a very quick update as I am gonna be AWOL for a few hours... I watched AHS premiere (how generous of iTunes to make it available for free :P). Hmmm... definitely not my cup of tea but I was curious enough to watch the whole thing. The weird creepy stuff is kinda bothering me, I could very well do without it... but Matty... oh Matty... dirty, evil, naughty and so very HOT... there were 5 minutes of more ass action than in both MM movies, LOL! My head is full of manip ideas, LOL...

Caps are gonna be up in a few hours, but just to give you a taste (without revealing any skin :P)...

Tags: character: donovan, show: american horror story
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