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The first annual CAFFREY-BURKE DAY \o/

Do you know that the third anniversary of the airing of the White Collar pilot is coming up? Given that we’re in the midst of the midseason break, a celebration of sorts is in order, something to take us out of our White Collar-less blues. The brainchild ofrabidchild, October 23 is unofficially Caffrey-Burke Day, honoring that most dynamic of duos, Gotham's most famous cop and robber!

Let’s start with what this ISN’T: It’s not a swap or challenge, there are no sign-ups, there are no rules. This is not Slash-only. It is not Gen-only.

What it IS is a celebration of the relationship we love so very much – the one that makes watching White Collar such a joy – however you choose to interpret it.

How can you participate? It’s simple:

On October 23, publish a White Collar fanwork that focuses on or otherwise features the relationship between Peter and Neal. Any fanwork. Any subject matter. Any genre.

Then, when you cross-post or otherwise promote your work, merely include in the summary or author note that it is for “Caffrey-Burke Day”.

That’s it.

If you’ve got any questions, head to my comments, but I think it’s pretty straightforward:

1. Create Neal-Peter works, any medium, any length, any subject matter

2. Publish October 23

3. Mention it’s for “Caffrey-Burke Day”!

If anyone cares to signal-boost for this, please do (the code for this pimpage is in the text area below).

Tags: genre: gen, genre: slash, pairing: peter/neal, show: white collar, type: signal boost
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