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I Haz Done Evil Thing...

First of all, did I miss anything or was there no Matty in last night's AHS? I might have dozed off at one point or another *hides* And I was so curious to see the aftermath of that final Iris and Donovan scene from last week *le sigh*. Oh, well, maybe next week?

Anyway, I'm surronded by sheer insanity at work, so when I finally get home, I just collapse in my chair and end up dozing off with my tablet pen in hand, falling even more behind on emails, comments and other work stuff, so it's kind of a miracle that I actually got anything done at all this week! But as the title says, I made good on my promise and I have something shiny to post on Halloween. And now that it's done and I'm super happy with it (more for technical reasons but I also like the overall concept :D - which is different from what I had initially intended), the usual wave of doubt hits me because it's, well, very evil - not just to poor Neal but also to poor El and Peter... and it's graphic... but the whole thing is meant to be just a nightmare/vision/whatever, so nothing permanent... And now I'm trying to decide if I should go ahead and post it on Sat /o\ Meh...maybe I should show it to a friendly soul and ask for feedback before Sat? Volunteers? :P

But there is also good news - I have finally figured out what to do for that damn "infected wound" square. And it's so obvious *smacks forehead", like it's been staring at me and teasing me for months and I just refused to see it. And yesterday that DUH! moment finally came, LOL. I'm gonna be evil to Peter in that one :)

And to make up for the lack of Matty this week:
Tags: show: american horror story, type: fanart, type: ramble
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