kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

AHS of course

Ah, seriously, we didn't get any Donovan treat last week and this week it was only 1 scene /o\ Granted, a very good scene, but still...

Overall it was a very good ep, I am immune to the blood baths and for some reason the episode flowed smoothly for me. A win :D But OMG, I had to lol when Elizabeth appeared with her Tristan boy toy, I mean, yowza fashion, LOL. Now Donovan, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying a more down-to-earth fashion, I loved that dark blue suit, heck, even the hair looked nice :P But he is soooo evil... even when he is not doing evil things. It's like Sarah Paulson said - Donovan has this darkness inside him and Matt is brilliant in portraying that :P

Oh, and we finally had the guest star some of us have been waiting for. Sadly, it didn't go the way we had hoped for, lol... no brother jokes on twitter /o\

Caps have been updated with episode 5 :) Yup, call me lightning speed :P

Tags: character: donovan, show: american horror story
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