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Musings :D

Hmmm, today I have a day off and I slept through most of it, LOL... but I went to bed at 8am, so...

This week is finally a quiet peaceful one \o/ For the past few days I have been working frantically on my BB art and the reduced stress combined with a good show on TV proved to be the right path :D I'm almost done with illustrating the two stories to be posted in a few days. They still require that finishing touch to wrap it all up but the majority of work on my end is done \o/ And that means I have time for other projects, heee :D

I found that the best combination for getting some artwork done is Photoshop + Stargate on TV :D These episodes are so much fun, on Friday I still had a few episodes of season 3 left and now I'm already halfway into season 4 \o/ I watched one of my all-time favorite eps last night - Window of Opportunity - while working on my latest Peter and Neal creation :D And then I made it to episode 4x11 with Willie Garson, LOOOOOL! OMG, he was sooo Mozzie in it, especially with the tape he sent at the beginning, listing all the government conspiracies, lolol! So much fun :D

Today I think I'm just gonna continue with the same combo :) I'm once again behind with watching all of my current shows but TBH, the new ones have failed to make me care about them enough to crave watching the next episode ASAP, and the old ones have clearly run out of ideas a long time ago and now it's mostly just suffering through each ep until someone finally decides to put the show out of its misery, LOL.

I'm also terribly behind with reading and commenting but I made a vow to catch up by the end of the week :D

Tags: actor: willie garson, fun, show: stargate sg-1, type: ramble
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