kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

The usual quick update...

Ah, a little bit more of the gorgeous man in this week's AHS \o/

It was another very good episode, one that made me wish that Donovan would snap out of his abandoned puppy mode and take his revenge on the Countess by breaking completely free of her spell. I have a feeling she'll invite him back, if that happens, I really want Dono to say no :P

But hey, we finally got a nice shot of the other neon sign in the room, heee... though I admit it might have been shown in full glory before and I just missed it...

And as a bonus:

Caps have been updated, of course :D And yay, it's possible I'll also be able to update the BE post - maybe today or tomorrow, I just hate having incomplete posts, lol :P
Tags: actor: matt bomer, show: american horror story, type: screencaps
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