kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Another bingo \o/

Woohoo, with the posting of my In the Rain thingy I officially completed my second bingo run, this time with the Gen Prompt Bingo card :D

I didn't go for a blackout with this one. It's not that it was not doable, it's just that the prompts weren't really speaking to me and I'd rather concentrate on my other ideas :D Thus, my final achievement is a parallel lines bingo with 7 fills :D

I think 2015 is definitely my bingo year, lol. I'm definitely gonna claim another gen card once Round 9 starts. I'm enjoying the stressless aspect of this challenge :D

In other news, I'm now thinking of doing a series of pics in the rain. I think I could go for 5 times Peter kissed Elizabeth in the rain :D
Tags: challenge: gen bingo, type: ramble
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