kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Le sigh... with a hint of oooh :P

So, no Matty treat in this week's AHS /o\ That makes me a very sad Kanarek, just yesterday I was saying to nywcgirl that I was looking forward to today, lol... Total jinx /o\

But we did get a nice surprise of the White Collar flavor :P Now I'm even more sad that Matty wasn't in this ep, that would have been a great reunion. But there might still be hope, heee :D

Here's another one more spoilerish: click

I admit, if it weren't for the guest star credits at the beginning, I'd have to pause and think for a sec here, LOL :D WC Fanfic-wise - we now have 1920s Kate, all that's missing is 1920s Neal and there could be quite a story there :D
Tags: show: american horror story, type: ramble
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