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Thinking of bingo extra...

I'm thinking about doing an extra for my H/C Bingo :D I know I could get a whole new card but since there are other projects in the making AND I have less time for myself due to yet another job I was forced to take, I don't really want another card to eat my brain completely, heh :D As always, I could use some ideas, maybe some of them could be winter/advent-related?

The only extra I'm considering is Cross-square = any two opposite prompts separated by a square combined into one fill. That gives me the following options:

telepathic trauma + loss of identity
sex pollen + healers
loss of identity + serial killers
forced to participate in illegal/hurtful activity + mistaken identity
dungeons + taking care of somebody
mistaken identity + surgery (now that is just an excuse to use the infamous Neil Caffery and have Neal almost lose a kidney or something :P)
sensory deprivation + wild card
theft + rape/non con
wild card + abuse
falling + trapped together
tyranny/rebellion + body/mindswap
trapped together + therapy
septicemia/infected wounds + protecting/losing a precious object
hunger/starvation + electrocution
protecting/losing a precious object + planet destruction
telepathic trauma + sensory deprivation
forced to participate in illegal/hurtful activity + falling
sensory deprivation + septicemia/infected wounds
sex pollen + theft
dungeons + tyrann/rebellion
theft + hunger/starvation
loss of identity + wild card
mistake identity + trapped together
wild card + protecting/losing a precious object
healers + rape/non-con
taking cae of somebody + body/mindswap
rape/non-con + electrocution
serial killers + abuse
surgery + therapy
abuse + planet destruction

I admit I don't want to deal with any prompt combos that include non-con. Some prompts are already giving me ideas, and maybe if you have written a story that fits any of these combos, point me to it and I'll try and make a cover for it :D
Tags: challenge: h/c bingo
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