kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Wins and treats

I'm suffering from a chronic lack of time for anything (*fail*) but I'm still trying to keep up with the fannish stuff :P Starting from next week it should be better, the bane of my work existence is on sick leave until the end of the year so it's gonna be pure bliss for a change :D And that should keep me in a good mood for a while, heee :D

Sadly, there was no AHS today = no Matty treat /o\ The awesome news of Matt scoring another lead in a series somewhat makes up for it :D That news was also the kick I needed to look closer at screencapping opportunities for Amazon. Unlike iTunes, you can hardly do anything with amazon video, but luckily my laptop has just the right hardware to squeeze some lossless caps from the stream. Now all we have to do is wait for the pilot :P

Also, ZOMG!!! the new trailer for Captain America: Civil War is out and no, I'm not gonna discuss it cuz I don't want to spoil people, I just have to say that I don't know how I'm gonna survive until May!!! *it somehow helps that the TV is once again going through all the Marvel movies*

Anyway, since there was no Matty treat this week, I figured it's a good day to post some Tim treats for a change, ha! It took me some time to sort and upload them, but there are now 3307 caps from Tell Me You Love Me available here (f-locked as usual) \o/ And honestly, together with Big Eden they have been my squee and joy for the past week or so. I've been playing with them in photoshop and there are some glorious posts coming up :D :D :D And more in the works, heeee :D It's like I'm getting ideas after ideas :D Of course, together with a few of the finest enablers we have already spent some time performing detailed analysis of certain caps, because Tell Me caps leave absolutely nothing to imagination as far as Tim is concerned. I mean, it's all there, and when I say all, I mean ALL, especially when you go through them frame by frame :P They are directly responsible for me crossing a line in my artsy experiments I never thought I would cross, heeeeeeeee :P

I've acquired more rare treats featuring Tim, so stay tuned, I'm gonna process them at some point, heee :D Hopefully we're also gonna have something new from Donovan next week :D

Tags: actor: matt bomer, actor: tim dekay, show: tell me you love me
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