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Evil iTunes and other rambles...

Okay, it's noon and the latest AHS episode is still not available!!! I want caps, I NEED caps now! Trust me, we ALL need them because this episode makes up for all those Matty-less eps before. YOWZA! *fans self*

I don't want to go into details, I'll post something more when I finally have my caps, but OMG, nekkidness and tousled hair and then glorious black clothes *THUD* This is exactly what I needed to make my day even better :D

I've had a rather intense two weeks with lots of work... and dealing at work with people who are clearly in desperate need of brain cells, so at this point I'm burnt out completely, there is not an ounce of office work motivation left in me. Luckily the year is almost over and most of the office stuff is done, so the last 2 weeks should be relatively peaceful and should allow me to get back into my creative groove :D

I saw the fandom stocking is in full swing, there was a part of me that thought this year there might be less interest in WC gifts but apparently that part of me was wrong, heee. Just like last year, I don't think I'm gonna sign up for fandom stocking, my bday is almost at the same time so I figure if anyone wants to kill two birds with one stone, they can just do it around Jan 19 :P But I'm certainly gonna work on the stuffing part :P I have two weeks off starting from Dec 24 and they are gonna be filled with Photoshop and Stargate Atlantis and me finally catching up on all the emails and fics and comments (*hides*). Seriously, my inbox is a mess of gigantic proportions, I haven't really dealt with emails in almost 2 months /o\

Anyway, if you want to make my life easier and leave me a link to your fandom stocking, that'd be awesome :D

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