kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Finally ♥

After almost 24h delay iTunes finally put up the latest AHS episode *glares at itunes* The caps took a while because this ep had lots and lots of Matt, hmmmmmmmmm :P You can check out some samples under the cut, heee :D

My plan is to re-watch the entire AHS Hotel from the beginning because I've limited myself to ogling only the Matty scenes, between my epic Turkish show and equally epic SG-1 marathon I don't really feel like watching anything else :P But AHS certainly has the right incentive :P

*flails* Rooster hair and shoulder freckles... I seriously need Peter to count Neal's shoulder freckles :P

And as much as I love the boy in glorious suits or thin silky sarongs...

*tight black leather pants*

I love him wearing black :D

Tags: character: donovan, show: american horror story
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