kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Another H/C Bingo Card

There are only 3 weeks left to complete a bingo in Round 6, but the amnesty period goes on until June, so plenty of time to contemplate ideas and fills :) Now, if I had gotten this card instead of the previous one, I'm almost certain I wouldn't go for a blackout, it's not a bad card but it's not glorious either, hee.

hazing stalkers blackmail hostile climate panic attacks
arrest poltergeist self-harm counseling experiments by evil scientists
possession / mind control moving WILD CARD eating disorders robots / androids
nervous breakdown broken bones forced to participate in illegal / hurtful activity hypoglycemia / low blood sugar unconsciousness
serial killers natural disasters fever / delirium torture loss of powers

You know the drill, hee :D I think I really wanna do the vertical line from panic attacks to loss of powers :D Another option is the vertical line from stalkers to natural disasters :D I have such a glorious idea for panic attack :P And androids :D :D :D

Uhm, this post concludes today's spam session :P
Tags: challenge: h/c bingo
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