kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

I made it \o/

Today is the day... freedom at last *bounces around the office* It's a ghost town at work today, just me and the cleaning lady, lol... well, and the army of kittehs :D

It's also such a beautiful day, it feels more like spring than winter. I had to sneak into one of the offices upstairs and while I was at it, I've taken this pic... kinda makes me think of the first visited planet in Interstellar, only this really is just a wall of clouds in my middle of nowhere that I'm about to leave, heee :D

And to make things even better, this night my brain finally decided to conjure up a dream treat for me in the form of the gorgeous Tim. I think it's cuz of the wings, lol... my brain is still stuck at Peter + wings :P But the dream was nothing naughty (ha!), it was a bday party and half the flist was there, too...lol.

Yeah, I really need that rest :P
Tags: type: ramble
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