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The beginning and the end...

Oy, today was kinda good day but filled with a series of minor fails, heee :D

The finale of AHS is now hsitory and there was no Matt!!!!! *whimpers* I guess they were filming his last scene within the finale schedule, even though it was actually used in the penultimate episode, hence my confusion /o\ Oh, well... I have been staring at the boy for the better part of the last few days so I can't really say I'm in withdrawal here, LOL :D

As usual, I don't want to spoil anything but let me just say - I kinda like the way they ended this run, I'm referring to the very last scene, in one way it's sort of like a full circle thing. But at the same time I kinda feel bad for Dono. He was an evil, evil boy, no denying that, but he did love Elizabeth in his own twisted way and in the end it kinda didn't matter, didn't make a difference *offers Dono a hug... but lose the glove, babe*

And now that we have said goodbye to Dono - enter Duval :D Second Chance had its premiere last night, I admit I haven't watched it (I've seen it already, so I just fwd through it to locate Tim scenes), but I had a lot of fun doing the caps because it really is like watching Peter, heee :D The twins plot is still kinda wtf? but the important part is that Tim is delightful and I'm perfectly fine watching this thing just for him. And if I end up watching some good storylines, too, that'll be a great bonus :D

You know you want to watch me :P

Now it's almost weekend and for some reason I haven't done any photoshopping at all this week. Probably work-related muse shock, lol. I need some zap to get him going again :P Feel free to post some in the comments along with your thinky thoughts :P
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