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Art prompt meme - prompt me, people!

I've been meaning to do this for a while now but I wanted to get the bingo cards out of the way first :D I still have to make 1 or 2 fills for the gen card but the H/C bingo adventure is now on hold until the next round. And all of that means I'm gonna need prompts, shiny prompts to keep my muse going :D

You probably know the drill - leave me a prompt and I wil do my best to turn it into art :D I'm not limiting the number of participants but I'm also not giving myself a deadline :) My main show is obviously White Collar but I'm also willing to play in other sandboxes (eg. SPN, Teen Wolf, heck, even The Flash even though I've just started watching) provided I can find some pics to work with. My collection is mainly Peter and Neal but Uncle Google should help with the rest :D

To make things easier for me, if possible leave me 2-3 prompts to choose from (you can ask for manips, edits of your favorite pics, covers for fics, etc), that way if one doesn't work, I'll have something else to try :D And feel free to go as fluffy or as sexy or as hurt/comforty as you want :D

Prompt away \o/

ETA: this meme is now closed but if you have a prompt you want me to tackle, just PM or email me :D

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