kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Tim squee :D

Eeeeee, OMG, the second episode of Second Chance was sooooooo great and I'm not talking about the plot here. Tim was absolutely adorable and he and Rob had a lot of such cute moments together, for some reason it all made me flail and then want to make Peter and Neal manips, lol. I still have to watch the episode in a proper way (coffee, cozy chair or bed) but Tim has already put me in such a good mood, it's impossible not to smile at that gorgeous face :D

I already uploaded the caps ♥ While I was sorting through them there were scenes where Tim served three expressions per second. I don't know any other actor who does that, lol. And I've read a lot of great fics using that in describing Peter's emotions, heee. It's so awesome :D I think I'm gonna need some icons (and I suck at making them but I might have to suffer through it for the greater good, lol)

In the meantime, have some funnies :D

(you'll have to climb Mount Everest to top me :P)

(6 seasons of Neal training paid off)

(simply adorbs)

(and this is how Peter looks when Neal invites him to visit Paris... they won't leave the apartment :P)

Now off to grab coffee and then home sweet home. And the week is almost over \o/

Tags: actor: tim dekay, character: duval pritchard, show: second chance, type: ramble
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