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Saturday rambles :D

Lately Thursday has become my show-induced ramble day but unfortunately there are no more shows with our boys airing on Wednesday nights *sadface*. Poor Second Chance tanked in ratings so FOX has kicked it off to Friday nights, heh. Hence, Saturday ramble post :P I just hope they keep SC around for the remaining 8 eps, ouch :P

Again there were plenty of awesome Tim moments and yet I still can't force my brain to make the switch from Peter to Duval. I have nothing against the other cast members but while watching this I just keep thinking how much more awesome it would have been with Matt by his side :D It's no mystery that I am stuck forever in WC land, I don't think I will ever break free :P But you know what they say - if it works, don't mess with it :D

So, have a few relatively non-spoilerish funnies :D

"Peter Burke, FBI"

2nd generation CI-induced headache

"My chest's still mightier than yours"

Now, he had the exact same look when Neal passed out on his couch. It's the adorable puppy CI look :P

Also, this episode has certainly just become the sponsor of some glorious Neal!whump manips in the nearest future, heee :P

In other news, I have completely stopped watching all current shows, I'm several eps behind with pretty much everything I'm theoretically watching /o\ I just sort of lost interest. Recently I got seriously hooked on The Flash and this is the only show I am up-to-date with. It was a great marathon of s1 and half of s2 and probably the best way to get to know all characters. They are all wonderful, I love the cast and they all do a splendid job portraing all the boys and girls that belong in that universe :D Of course my favorite is Dr Harrison Wells, OMG (*hearts Tom Cavanagh*). The way this show works, they can explore so many versions of Wells, it's like a dream come true :D And now I think I have to start watching Legends of Tomorrow because they have wings there :P And fun cast, too.

Meanwhile I got tens of various episodes of various shows that I need to watch but I'm watching House from the very beginning instead, I made it to season 2 *headdesk*

Oh, and I did watch the new X-files ♥ Wheeee, it was sooooo good to see Mulder and Scully again :D I love it that they kept the original intro, heee :D And doesn't Gillian Anderson look amazing. WOW! As for the plotty part, it was pretty much what X-Files was 10 years ago = insane conspiracy theories that were almost too much for my brain to process, but nonetheless, an enjoyable hour with familiar faces, heee :D And I'm loving all the personal stuff between Mulder and Scully ♥ Looking forward to ep 3 \o/

And now it's time to stop wasting time and finish some treats to post :D
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