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03 February 2016 @ 11:35 am
Middle of the week meh...  
It's Wednesday and I already wish it was Friday /o\ I caught a bug somewhere, I woke up with a sore throat on Monday and now I'm coughing and wheezing like poor pneumoniated Neal. Unfortunately, there's no Peter to come to the rescue *sadface* I got a doctor's appointment anyway tomorrow, so hopefully I'll score at least Friday off :)

If there is one thing my job taught me, it's that there is absolutely no point in going to work sick and worrying about not being there, no one is gonna care, it's not gonna score me any points, all it will do is delay my recovery which is simply not worth it, especially when in my case even a small bug can go armageddon in a day. So I will gladly accept any days off the doc offers!

Also, I came to realize that I really, really need a new phone /o\ Not because there is something wrong with my current iPhone, I'm simply running out of space on it. It only has 16GB and while I never actually needed a lot of space, the app upgrades and new shiny things + music and games and photos - well, 16GB is not enough to store all of that. So I did a quick research and I should be able to sign a new contract in April. That leaves me some time to decide whether I want the 64GB version or the 128GB version. I'm leaning towards the 64GB version, that's still 4 times more than what I have now, so it should be enough for the next 2 years... and it's cheaper than the 128GB version. Has anyone tried out the new live photos in the 6s? I'm curious how big the output files are :)

And OK, the third episode of The X-Files, what the hell was that? I'm still scratching my head wondering what happened o_O

nywcgirlnywcgirl on February 3rd, 2016 12:13 pm (UTC)
I can only hope that your doctor looks like McDreamy (Better even: Peter or Neal in a white coat)... Hope you feel better soon.
kanarek13kanarek13 on February 3rd, 2016 12:40 pm (UTC)
*hugs* Thank you :D Sadly, my doc is a woman, no chance for anything even close to Neal in a white coat :D
nywcgirlnywcgirl on February 3rd, 2016 01:06 pm (UTC)
pipiljpipilj on February 3rd, 2016 12:53 pm (UTC)

aww get well soon.

kanarek13kanarek13 on February 3rd, 2016 04:16 pm (UTC)
Thank you :D Luckily I'm not bed-ridden yet so I'm hoping I'll get some pills tomorrow and the Friday off and I will be back to normal by the end of the weekend :D
angelita26: NealPeter Hug Heartangelita26 on February 3rd, 2016 02:38 pm (UTC)
I hope you feel better soon! {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

I have a 16gb iPhone 5S and it's definitely not enough space, but I don't want a 6 - they're all too big. Supposedly, Apple is releasing a 5SE in March that's the size of a 5S but with better hardware. From Macrumors: The iPhone 5se is rumored to be the name of Apple's upcoming 4-inch iPhone. It is said to look similar to an iPhone 5s, but with curved cover glass and some upgraded internal specs, including an A9 processor and support for Apple Pay.

It'll have all the things I want - the size of the 5S, the A9 processor, and Apple Pay. And, I assume that the Sleep/Wake button will be at the top like the 5S. I don't know what they were thinking moving it to the side in the 6 series.

I'm looking forward to that - belated b-day present for meeeeeeeee. :D
kanarek13kanarek13 on February 3rd, 2016 04:14 pm (UTC)
{{{hugs}}} Thank you, luckily it's not a full blown cold, just some kind of respiratory infection that will hopefully go away by the end of the weekend and with the help of some pills.

And yay, we're phone twins, too, heee :D I also have the 5S :D I heard about the 5SE, too, though I actually want a larger phone :) I had a chance of playing with one for a bit and I liked it. But before I make the final decision I will go to a store and have a closer look at all that's available :D

The most annoying thing right now is the Hangouts app, when I'm typing my message I simply can't see it, I only see the keyboard and a portion of the app but not the words I'm typing, it's driving me nuts :P
leesa_perrie: Bird 3leesa_perrie on February 3rd, 2016 04:12 pm (UTC)
Aww, being ill sucks *hugs* Take care of yourself. I recommend plenty of birdie interaction, I'm sure that'll help! :)
kanarek13kanarek13 on February 3rd, 2016 04:32 pm (UTC)
{{{hugs}}} it's always the little ailments that are the most annoying, meh.

Heee, yeah, the birdies kinda feel the spring already, they are going bonkers :D
joy2190: pic#118544160joy2190 on February 3rd, 2016 04:29 pm (UTC)
Hope you're feeling better soon!
kanarek13kanarek13 on February 3rd, 2016 04:35 pm (UTC)
Re: HUG!!!
D'awww, that pic is so epic :D Thank you :D
The Gauche in the Machine: WC - Neal/Peter hug heartchina_shop on February 3rd, 2016 09:18 pm (UTC)
Ugh, poor you! Hope you feel better soon! *snugs*

Edited at 2016-02-03 09:19 pm (UTC)
kanarek13: snuggleskanarek13 on February 4th, 2016 03:17 pm (UTC)
Thank you, the 3-day weekend ahead already makes me feel better :D
Sherylynsherylyn on February 3rd, 2016 10:18 pm (UTC)
I have the 64 GB 6 (not 6s or 6+ ;-)), and I *love* the "space" on it. I listen to the music on my phone alllll the time I'm in the car, esp. (and lots of other times, too), so it *needs* to be able to hold both music and photos. I've *seen* the "live" photos on the 6s (S got one just before we were together last fall), and they're incredible, but I don't know how much more space they use than normal. She actually got the 128 GB b/c she takes tons of vids of her kids in band, etc., so she needs that much. My general impression (which may not be entirely accurate) is that the photos themselves don't take up much more space than "normal", but I'm sure vids do that, no matter what.

You will *love* the camera, though, no matter what. I can tell a HUGE difference between the 5/5s camera and the 6, and I think they improved it even further in the 6s (aside from the "live" aspect, I mean). I've used my phone as my camera FAR more since I got the 6 than I ever did before; I've scarcely used my "real" camera in the last couple years, esp. compared to how I used it before. Even at the rodeo last summer, my phone was getting better pics than my camera, and I've got a *good* camera (not top-of-the-line, but it's still dang good).

I hope your doctor gives you good meds and they do their job VERY quickly and you're able to enjoy your weekend! *HUGS*HUGS*HUGS*
kanarek13: snuggleskanarek13 on February 4th, 2016 03:23 pm (UTC)
I'm staying at home tomorrow \o/ And I just picked up some meds so hopefully I'll be back to normal before Monday :D

Aah, yeah, it's always such struggle to pick the new toy, lol :D I definitely love the look of the pics from the 6 :D I'm also one of the people who grabs the real camera when going on vacation but even the knowledge that there is an epic camera in my phone is certainly welcomed :D

Once I feel like going on a trip to the store, I'll go and play with the options and see which one seems best for me :D
Sherylynsherylyn on February 5th, 2016 06:20 am (UTC)
YAY for good meds and staying home!!

And yes, I almost always take the good camera, too, but then, lately, I've still ended up using my phone far more than the camera, anyway :-P But I actually don't really "mind" that, b/c it's so nice to always have it with me that way!

And yay for playing with the toys, too -- that's always fun, even if you do have to wait a while to actually pick up the one you choose ;-)
Laura: Neal Peter shoulderscookielaura on February 4th, 2016 12:30 am (UTC)
Ugh no, I'm sorry you're sick. Get well soon! I send chicken soup and Peter in his best comforting-back-rubbing mode :)
kanarek13kanarek13 on February 4th, 2016 02:07 pm (UTC)
Awww, thank you so much, I feel relatively fine, just dead from the cough. I actually stole cough syrup from my birds last night, lol. There is only one brand which is suitable for birdies and I still had half a bottle. It's delicious ♥ I just know the birdies are getting sniffles on purpose just to get some of that stuff :D
sinfulslasher: crazy people can be very persuasivesinfulslasher on February 4th, 2016 01:51 pm (UTC)
Ugh, being sick sucks. :( Sending lots of healing vibes and hoping you'll be able to stay home tomorrow! *hugs*

I'm waiting for all eps to have aired before binge-watching XF but I did actually just finish downloading getting my hands on ep 3 through totally legal channels. After your comments I'm worried though. O.o
kanarek13kanarek13 on February 4th, 2016 02:05 pm (UTC)
{{{hugs}}} definitely staying at home tomorrow, I don't think I have any lungs left /o\

And LOL, seriously, that X-Files ep, I don't even know. It was like watching a parody of X-Files and I'm simply not fond of parodies. Let's see what ep 4 has to offer next week. If I wasn't watching it on TV, I would most likely also wait for all 6 eps to air, but this way I'm actually making an effort to a) remember there is something to watch on Tuesday and b) drop whatever I'm doing and actually watch it :D

I've been having trouble with doing that lately, lol :D