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TV weekend :)

So, my long weekend is halfway over but I haven't been particularly productive :( Yesterday my evil bronchitis reached its peak so I haven't even left the bed. Today I feel better, I think the meds are doing their thing, but still all I could really muster was watch some TV :)

I'm still going strong with my House marathon, I made it to the end of season 5, lol. But I finally took a break and caught up on SPN and The Flash! OMG, The Flash, I think ep 2x12 is one of my favorites in the current season ♥ All those epic feels!!! Poor Harrison struggling with his decision, then the "betrayal" talk with Barry and finally both Harrison and the team making a choice - I think I died and went to heaven for a sec there, hee :D So much love ♥

Right now I'm watching Bridge of Spies, loving it so far ♥ But this still leaves me with so many eps to catch up with and movies to watch *le sigh* At least it's a good start :)

And, of course, Saturday is the Second Chance day but sadly, I haven't really seen the episode, well, unless you count fast-forwarding through it to locate all Tim scenes and then letting my PC do the caps :D Oh, well, I'll catch up at some point when I'm in the mood for it :D But this still doesn't stop me from posting some funnies because Tim is always epic \o/ :D

"Are you wearing my lucky tie?!?"

"OMG, Neal, what has the fandom done to you now?!"


"Where's Mozzie's bee stuff when you really need it?"

"Oh, you!"


well, this one I'm posting mostly for its "adorable" status :D

Caps are up for grabs and I'm definitely ready to crawl back into bed and finish my movie :)
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