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Saturday TV rambles :)

OK, I'm so ready for this week to be over, better yet, for this entire month to be over. The universe really is a b**** but whining is not gonna improve anything. Talking about awesome things, on the other hand... :D

As planned, I spent this entire week at home \o/ And I'm still on sick leave on Monday so my weekend is a long one \o/ My bronchitis is mostly gone which means I can go back to some Photoshop fun while continuing my endless TV marathons :D I'm actually quite proud of myself because I managed to catch up with a lot of stuff. I'm roughly in the middle of season 7 of House ♥ That show is so damn brilliant :D And even though I've been told repeatedly that the last seasons were crap, well, I loved them the first time around and I'm still loving them now :D

And ZOMG, I finally started watching the second season of Agent Carter!!! That show is probably one of the best things on TV right now, I'm actually looking forward to the next episode which doesn't happen for me that often these days :D Peggy is probably one of my favorite female leads on TV, it's no secret I tend to root for the boys (and Jarvis is to die for ♥) but in this case the girls rule. Oh, and let's not forget our WC Rachel who is even more awesome as the villain Dotty :P I hope we get to see her again soon :P

I think the new season of The Americans is starting soon, this will most likely pair up with Agent Carter and be my fav "TV couple" :D In the meantime I also caught up with The Blacklist (epic epicness), then Supernatural (I'm definitely on board with the whole Lucifer in Castiel's body plot :P) and Teen Wolf (ok, things are finally making more sense again, lol).

And yesterday I finally watched the latest season of Homeland. I was waiting for it to end because I know from experience that it's better to watch all 12 eps in one go. Well, it ended in December (lol), so it took me a while to get to it. But wow, this was a great season, maybe because it was, for a change, set in Germany, mostly Berlin and it was all about the issues that Europe is currently struggling with. They did a great job on this. I wish I had known they were filming in Berlin :P I would have probably hopped on a bus and 90 mins later I'd have been tailing Mandy Patinkin (LOLOLOL). Nah, luckily I'm still far away from the stalker category, lol :D But I would have enjoyed watching them film even from a distance :D

Since I go back to work on Tuesday, I'll probably won't feel like keeping up with all the shows and I'll be back to collecting eps in no time, hee. But hey, at least I had one insanely lazy week without having to engage my brain too much :P

Oh, and something funny and sort of Matty-related. Our TVP1 is launching their new series in March, it takes place in 1920s and is about one of our stars of that time - Eugeniusz Bodo. So, they are making a lot of buzz around it and there are interviews with the cast and the crew. I recently watched an interview with the director and he said that they had to hire two actors to play the main part - one to play the teenager and one to play the adult because it's impossible to have one actor play both :P And I immediately smiled and thought, "Well, clearly you are not familiar with Matt Bomer :P" Damn alien genes :P

Wow, that post got looong. As usual, some funnies to wrap it up. Once again I didn't really watch Second Chance, I think I'm just gonna collect all eps and be done with it in one go just like Homeland. This episode had less Tim in it but at least one epic scene and, of course, a lot of awesome caps :D

The silent ouch :P

Moderate south-west wind...

Telepathy 101 :P

Gimme a kiss :P

Neal and his damn cereal box toys...
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