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Weekly report :P

Oy, the day is pretty much over and somehow I completely wasted it :D I haven't been productive at all but maybe I can still get something going before I fall asleep :D

For some reason this week was filled with a number of funny things, so this post in not gonna cover only the Second Chance portion of it, hee :D

Recently my phone reminded me that 1 year ago I took a certain pic which I shared here on LJ :D It was the epic Yantea ad encouraging people to suck balls, lol (also, I can't believe it was over a year ago!!!). I went to have lunch in that mall two days ago and I didn't really feel like washing it down with coffee, so I finally after all this time decided to check out these balls and whatnot, hee. I went with the milk option, it was delicious... and yes, there were balls swimming in it, lol!!! Tiny, but still... But when I finally got my cup from the magic machine, I looked at the foil seal on top of it...

You gotta admire the place for keeping up with the language fail tradition :D :D :D But it also made me think that Neal would be the happiest boy alive if the world was one giant safe just waiting to be cracked :D For Peter it would just be a lot more headaches :P

And then this happened on Teen Wolf :D :D :D

Someone please write me a ficlet with Neal falling asleep in the most ridiculous pose evah and Peter finding him like that. It just needs to happen :D It really, really does :D

And then the not funny part happened when my oldest birdie injured his leg and rendered himself immobile /o\ And that's only a week before my small trip *le sigh* He's currently unable to hop on top of the cage, so I put a thin cloth on it so that his leg wouldn't fall between the cage bars and that definitely improved the situation and led to an epic LOL of the day. The birdie was sitting on top of that cloth in front of a feeder and enjoying his assortment of imported seeds (spoiled brats :P) when the grey one arrived to inspect the new "carpet" and of course the obvious thing to do was to grab the cloth and start pulling it. So the other one stopped eating and had his standard WTF ??? why am I migrating to the left away from the feeder? look while the grey one was getting more and more determined to drag the cloth away.

Leave it to the birdies one to keep coming up with new fails every day :P

In the Second Chance department, for some reason this episode failed to deliver the truly epic lol expressions but I still managed to find 3 or 4 :P

I won the casting to be the next Bond... James Bond.

Neal has one clone, I'm gonna have a scan and unlimited printing resources :P

One week old deviled ham sandwich... I'm gonna have to burn the desk drawer...

Show me that you can dance...

And this one I'm posting because it's so hot!!! :D

And that's a wrap for today :D
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