kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Thursday Matty :D

Awww, I'm slowly getting ready for my mini trip, I have to clean my room and decide what to pack *me no like* :P But nothing works better as an energy booster than pics of our gorgeous men ♥ I'm still waiting patiently for the awesome Tim in black HQ pics. I've already delivered my part of the deal, so now I just need the pics to come my way :D But in the meantime, our alien is a very busy boy and it seems he took a short break from The Last Tycoon to meet TeamUSA and wish them good luck on their road to Rio :D

Source: twitter and tumblr via mbit

Just look at teh pretty *melts* *happy sigh*
Tags: actor: matt bomer, type: pic spam
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