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Checking in with some fun :D

Whee, I made it to my buddy's place, though not without some adventures, hehe. Basically, first I overslept and barely made it to the train station on time and then 5 minutes before reaching the destination there was a power outage at the station and the train first had to wait for half an hour and then ultimately arrived at a different station, lol... But all in all - I made it :D

I'm having a lot of fun, just chilling and chatting. I also did a more serious thing which was something very spontaneous but also something I felt I had to do. But I'm gonna leave this one for a separate post which I've been meaning to write for a while now. I'm keeping this one stricly fun :D

I also got some new clothes, heee :D My buddy is addicted to bidding at auctions and she bought a truckload of clothes, lol... luckily they never cost a fortune :P She was so engrossed in bidding, she didn't notice she bought 4 identical sweatshirts, heee. So I'll be leaving with two of them :D But I gotta say - I'm also taking one which can only be described as sweatshirt with a guest room, lololol :D Maybe I should send it to Peter and Neal :P It's insane, lol :D

Anyway, here's a sneak peek of this week's Second Chance - the fun way, of course. The caps are still uploading (slow Internet is sloooooooooooooow).

That's my crossword puzzle... and that's not a pencil!

OMG, I won a beer helmet!!!

Expression #37: your CI is about to sell you bullshit.

Damnit, Neal! I told you it has to be at least 5 wing flaps per second!

Karaoke by proxy :P

Magic Land - the official stripper camp. Sign ups now open!
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