kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Photo Meme: Day 1 - Purple

Today I start my long weekend so I figured I might as well start the meme that's been going on on several LJs :D Ganked from the awesome leesa_perrie

The Rules:
Each day, take a photo that fits the colour theme and then post that photo. Yes, it has to be taken on the day you're sharing it, no earlier! You may share more than one photo per day, but try not to spam your friends with an excessive numbers of them!

Day 1 - Purple
Day 2 - Green
Day 3 - Red
Day 4 - Blue
Day 5 - Yellow
Day 6 - Brown
Day 7 - Orange
Day 8 - Pink
Day 9 - Black
Day 10 - White

I'm not gonna be very original here, lol. Today I was dragging myself home from the doc's office and I had to cross the nearby park - just the right moment \o/ Each year for about a week there is a sea of purple, yellow and white crocuses and it seems this is the week now, heee :D

Tags: type: meme
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