kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Photo Meme: Day 3 - Red

Wow, this one wasn't so obvious, huh. I do have a few items of clothing that are red and there are also some other red thingies around the house but none of them are really something I'd want to take a pic of and share, hee :D

And today finally the DUH moment came, lol :D

Ta-da, this is my primary school! It's only 2 mins walk from my home :D In Poland schools are identified by numbers rather than names - this was/is Primary School No. 50. It doesn't exist anymore in the sense that currently it's Junior High School No.16 and High School No. 13.

I was class 1986-1994 :D And it's always been this huge red brick building, they've renovated it a few years ago but didn't cover any of the original bricks, just cleaned them up, replaced the damaged ones but overall the building still looks the same (it predates WWII).

Also, we have insane weather today - full-blown spring with sun and blue sky and warm temperature :D I've seen ppl in t-shirts, lol - which I think was a bit of an overkill but still, awesome weather :D
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