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And that's a wrap

Well, Second Chance s1 is officially over and done and now we have to wait for FOX to make their decision. As usual, I don't wanna get into details as to not to spoil it for anyone who has not seen it yet, but it looks like there's not that much of a cliffie, more like an open door for a potential s2 which, I have to admit, would be awesome if they went the way they suggested.

Hopefully I can sit down and watch it all in one go very soon :D And because this was the season finale and it was kinda emotional, I honestly wasn't able to find any pics to add captions to them (w00t). Tim delivered a very emotional performance, those heartbroken and teary-eyed expressions were beautiful and one thing I definitely know - this ep gave me tons of caps to use for future whumpy manips where I need some epic Peter angst :D And there were also some epic badass moments :D

So let me share a few here:

Hmmm, gorgeous baby *pets him* I added 339 caps from that ep to the SC post so it's now complete \o/ If any links are not working, just let me know and I'll fix it :D

Also, is anyone watching The Family on ABC? I got seriously hooked on that show, mostly because of Andrew McCarthy :D Our Adler is sooooooooooooooooooo awesome playing his character :D You can see right away that the guy is not right, creepy at times but at the same time, the things he has to deal with honestly make you feel sorry for him. And Andrew is just brilliant :D And he also got to direct an ep already :D The show itself offers a rather common premise on TV and I don't expect it to live longer than one season. I just hope they are gonna answer at least some of the big questions before they get axed, hee :D

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