kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

W00T! Gen Prompt Bingo Round 10 - I haZ new card :P

Yayay, today is the start of a new round of Gen Prompt Bingo \o/ This time I decided neither to opt-in nor to opt-out of any categories but because they have introduced something new to the mix - mainly prompt types - I asked for a fanfic-free card. That means they skipped prompts that are specified as fanfic prompts (only a handful but since I don't write, I have zero use for them :)

Fix-its Tired It was All a Dream Vicious The Company of Strangers
Character Death Yes, but is it Art? Northern / Southern Lights Heliocentrism Mind and Body
Character Study Dreams and Nightmares Wild Card Reincarnation Vacations and Holidays
Thunder and Lightning Pack Abuse (Physical or Emotional) Angola Afternoon
The Shopping Mall The Polling Religious and other festivals Case / Mission Fic Forgiveness

Let me just say - I LOOOOOOOOVE my card, even though I don't have any specific ideas yet but almost all the prompts make me smile and think of something WC :D

As usual, I'd love to hear your ideas, I'm still hopelessly White Collar but feel free to prompt me also for Teen Wolf and Flash cuz I've accumulated some materials and can work with them :D
Tags: challenge: gen bingo
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