kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Photo Meme: Day 10 - White

Awww, the last day of the meme and with a color that is definitely present in my life but once again all the white things around me are not really things I'd want to take pics of and write about, heee :D So, for the purpose of this post I went for a stroll in the city, grabbed a Starbucks treat and then took a pic of the city's probably most prominent white epic fail :D

The new Philharmonic building. Very white, very pointy and very WTF as far as its location goes. I know some people love it, I know it's even gotten rewards but I personally cannot understand how the hell something like that ended up in that part of the city.

There are many old buildings in that area, as you can see here, a nice old red brick building currently serving as police headquarters... old church, old cathedral not far away, remnans of centuries old city walls, the Castle of the Pomeranian Princes and now this white thing right in the middle of it, lol...

Le sigh... but it's still a nice panoramic view in that spot :D

Aww, and that's a wrap. That was such a fun meme. Thank you again, leesa_perrie, for coming up with it :D Hopefully I'll be able to complete the next one you come up with :D I fail at meme but this one was a win :D

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