kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Tumblr hole

Heh, I spent the better part of my day looking at tumblr... and now I have a headache, lol. Ugh...

I want to start crossposting my shit on tumblr and making a post is pretty much the highlight of my T skill for now... but that's okay :D I've been getting comments here and there about putting this or that on tumblr and I figure it won't cost me a thing to do that :) But this will be just that - a place to crosspost my stuff like I'm already doing on AO3 ♥. I've looked at a few WC-related blogs and... no, just no to most of them. I've glued myself to a few Matty-related blogs which I have been checking anyway. Basically, I'm just gonna crosspost my stuff there, if someone stumbles across it and reblogs or likes - woohoo, if not - no big deal.

But lemme tell ya, my dashboard is a MESS, like even Rodney McKay wouldn't be able to achieve that level of mess and he did blow up a solar system once :P Springtime cleaning is definitely in order!

Hopefully today I can finish the manip I'm working on and it'll be the perfect test pic :) *sigh* I should be working on something completely different but the muse has taken a 180 turn in his creative interests which complicates things... a lot... but I'm not gonna be stressing over it and just embrace the bunnies flisters keep sending my way :D) I'll enter the full-blown panic mode when it's time to do so (lol) :D

Also, spring, beautiful weather, work done for today...

*happy sigh*  Direction: home... with a coffee detour :P
Tags: actor: matt bomer, type: ramble
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