kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Another Nice Guys poster

It's stuff like that that makes me more and more excited about this movie, LOL... I might get 100% enthusiastic by the time it hits the big screen :P

It does make me wonder if Richard Thomas is gonna check it out, lol... and yup, it definitely does explain the fake mole, lol :D

In other news, I should probably try and post something original this weekend instead of spamming you with reblogs from other media :P Funny thing is - I have quite a few new pretties and I have to sit on them until the posting date *whines* :P I can't do anything about the schedule of challenges I'm participating in but... would someone be willing to accept a bday gift 2 months in advance? LOL :D
Tags: actor: matt bomer, movie: the nice guys, type: ramble
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