kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

New Nice Guys Trailer

Heeee, another (final) TNG trailer was released today and it contains a sec or two more Matty material than the previous one, lol :D You can check it out along with some quick caps under the cut :D

It seems that sherylyn, buefo and I all are wondering whether Matty actually speaks in this movie, LOLOL. Please, please, if any of you know, do not spoil me, I wanna find out on my own on May 20 \o/

One thing I am sure even now is that he certainly lets the bullets speak for him, lol

Aaaah, it's so much fun waiting for a movie in full squee mode, with no one throwing any unnecessary negativity my way :D ♥ And tomorrow is the big day, YAYAY \o/ Going to see Civil War as planned :D I watched the latest Agents of SHIELD episode today, so I consider myself all set :D And still 100% spoiler-free \o/
Tags: actor: matt bomer, movie: the nice guys, squee, type: pic spam
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