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Well, that was one awesome Friday \o/

Today is another beautiful day, insanely warm weather and nothing but sun. It was the same yesterday while I was plowing my way through the city traffic to get to the cinema for my first treat of the month - Civil War :D

It was the very first screening of Captain America in 2D and with subtitles and I think the tech gurus were not quite ready with the setup (lol) but in the end the movie started with 20 min delay and I couldn't care less about that :D Because I LOVED THE MOVIE, it was truly everything I had hoped for and more. There were sad parts, disturbing parts but it was all sort of counteracted with glorious humor which gave the whole movie the perfect balance of everything \o/ I've already had a squee session with sherylyn who went to see it a few hours before me and I know more of you are going to see it this weekend... I'm contemplating going again, too, heee :D

Of course, as the Marvel tradition demands, you have to stay until the very end of credits, there are two extra scenes :D

*happy sigh*

Apart from Civil War, there is an insane amount of Matty buzz in the social media, he is just dishing out treat after treat - I don't remember the last time I've been to the cinema so many times in one year, LOL. Hell, I don't remember the last time I went to the cinema TWICE in one month, lol :D I'm loving everything about this, it just keeps me happy and motivated \o/

It also made me try and be more active on twitter! I never thought it would come to this but LOL, here I am, tweeting :D It's still a very small scale thing for me, I'm talking to and reading tweets of maybe 3-4 people? The main problem for me is keeping up with all of it. I'm not in the habit of checking LJ or twitter or tumblr every 10 minutes, so when I finally sit down and do check it - it can be overwhelming, lol :D But I should be okay as long as I keep it small scale :D

That being said, check out these two awesome amazing flail-worthy sets from tumblr

The Neal Caffrey porn pack (lol, no, nothing like that, just yummy things about Neal, lol)

A look into Neal's phone (because it is epic \o/) (fixed link, sorry again)

I think I'm gonna watch Ant-Man again, do some work, make a coffee run and whump Neal... not necessarily in that order :D Also, incoherent ramble post is incoherent but I'm just flailing too much \o/ :D
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