kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

And the pic avalanche is still going...

I'm so happy I had today off, hee... the amount of pics flooding every inbox I own is almost to much, LOL :D After yesterday's premiere of The Nice Guys we can enjoy hundreds of new Matty pics ♥ And here's a sample \o/ :D

He's such a goofball, hee :D And the scrunchy nose!!! And Simon!!!

Please, head over to mattbomerfan.com to enjoy rest of the pics, there are over 200 HQ pics right now but I know there are more coming (hopefully the next batch is gonna include Matty being silly with his TNG poster, LOL)

Oh yeah, and I made a very quick edit of one of my fav pics from last night :D


One of these days when I have some time off and feel motivated, I really have to make a new layout for LJ and then modify it also for tumblr and twitter so I have one theme going :P Matty and Tim, Peter and Neal :D

Tags: actor: matt bomer, movie: the nice guys
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