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Matt at the 2016 Cannes festival

Matt flew to Nice straight from his short but insanely busy New York stay on Friday and today there were all sorts of awesome things happening LIVE for us to enjoy: Photo call, Interview and Press Conference - all about the Nice Guys. Let me just say - Matt looked more beautiful than ever, he didn't get all that much speaking time but it was a pleasure listening to him nonetheless. Also, I'm getting a whole new appreciation for Russell Crow - I think he killed the press conference today, rofl :D

I have a ton of screencaps to add, but I don't want to spam the LJ with post for every little thing that pops up, so for those of you who are interested - please keep checking the Nice Guys screencaps post where I'll be adding caps from today's Cannes events and also the Friday goodies like Kelly & Michael and Stephen Colbert (which you just HAVE to see). I mean, it all revolves around The Nice Guys so I think I can just keep it all in one post :D

That being said, you can look at teh pretty in Cannes in case you missed it live today:

THE NICE GUYS - Photocall - EV - Cannes 2016 przez CannesFestTV

THE NICE GUYS - Interview - EV - Cannes 2016 przez CannesFestTV

THE NICE GUYS - Press Conference - EV - Cannes... przez CannesFestTV

Of course, all of these go together with a glorious batch of HQ pics which you can find, as always, over at mattbomerfan.com

OMG, THUD :D There is also the Red Carpet event later today (10pm CET), I'm sure it's gonna be another flod of vids and pics :D

You know, after these few days of trying to keep up with everything, I think I'm ready for a break... I think there might be some work in order on Thursday if Matt attends the Nice Guys premiere in the UK, but after that it should finally quiet down a bit and let us all take a breather, LOLOL :D

OOoooh, but also - if you want to catch up on everything Matty that happened in the past few days, please do check out sandy79's LJ because she has already put up 3 wonderful posts filled with various Matty vids - all the new ones and a bunch of wonderful oldies, squeeee :D

That being said, I got a ticket to the slightly earlier screening of The Nice Guys on Wednesday, May 18, W00T!!! Heeee, I cannot wait :D

ETA: oh yeah, a few tumblr epics for your viewing pleasure, LOL:

1. A quick set of temporary caps: http://kanarek13.tumblr.com/post/144396823822/cannes-2016-the-nice-guys-photo-call
2. Geeez, it's all about the cupcake, OMG: http://mabesies.tumblr.com/post/144341230310/archivistsrock-matt-bomer-brought-cupcakes
3. Yeah, that too: http://archivistsrock.tumblr.com/post/144354353387/late-night-talk-show-hosts-like-to-feed-and-clean
4. Quick set from the SiriusXM interview which I'm gonna add here today: http://kanarek13.tumblr.com/post/144348563717

And now I'm done :D
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