kanarek13 (kanarek13) wrote,

Squee... I haz made my very first gifset :P

I finally, FINALLY decided to try and make one of those awesome gifsets that are pretty much the heart and soul of tumblr existence. I always thought there was some magic tool for making them fast and easy but it turns out it all comes down to Photoshop again, ha! In my attempts I've used the very awesome GIF tutorial from buefo and just tweaked it to better suit my Photoshop habits. This can become another way of filling those bingo squares for me, woohoo \o/

>> Clicky here <<

Of course it's a Matty gifset since this was the first funny thing that came to mind yesterday... but boy OH BOY do I have an idea for a Tim gifset, LOLOLOL :D Stay tuned :D
Tags: actor: matt bomer, type: ramble
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