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TGIT rambles \o/

It's finally Thursday and in about 3h my work week is gonna be over. I decided to take tomorrow off in order to properly squee and fangirl all over The Last Tycoon. It premieres tomorrow on Amazon ♥ The initial reviews are glorious, of course that doesn't mean much in terms of me liking it, I have to see it to form an opinion but OMG, it's Matt, it just cannot go wrong, LOL.

I have no idea at what time exactly I can expect the vid to show up on Amazon Video, I don't think it will show up on any of the EU Amazon websites before it's posted on the US one, so I don't think I have to stay up all night... but if my favorite co-conspirators are around, I'll be happy to give up sleep and chat :P Matt's also gonna be on Late Show with James Corden tonight, the last time he was there - it was ridiculously funny, so I'm hoping they're gonna make us smile tonight as well, though it's hard to muster any real joy after the events in Orlando /o\ :( *clings to Matty*

backstage (Twitter)

Also, Matt did finally confirm once and for all that he will be part of AHS 6 and will be playing a very important role, though no one's really sure what the role will actually be, LOL. Heck, I'll take anything, hoping again that it will be something new for him :D And maybe he won't die for a change, dammit! :P

Wow, okay, that's a lot of Matty buzz, I admit... but it's fun so I don't really want it to stop, even if some of it sounds like a broken record, ha :P We all need our daily dose of squee and this is mine :D

As far as my creative output goes, I have to say that signing up for Slashorific was one of my best decisions, heeee... I'm up to 5 fills \o/ Which reminds me, I have to sign up for BB because hell, yeah, artwork for stories ♥ And the new round of HC Bingo should start this week (according to the announcement) which makes me ridiculously happy. I have two pics waiting for a suitable square... it will be just my luck NOT to get them, LOLOL. At the same time, I'm working on some fills for the Gen card, it's looking more and more like a blackout possibility \o/, I will just have to exchange the CASE FIC square because it's a writer-specific square and I asked for an art card. The mods said they would exchange any squares that were added by mistake but at that time I wasn't really thinking about a blackout... but now...

Also, today it's Poland vs. Germany #EURO2016 #soccer :P :P :P I know sinfulslasher is just excited as I am :P But man, I feel so bad for Albania, it was such a great game and they sooo did not deserve to lose it just like France did not deserve to win it. It was just stupid luck, grrrrr. Yup, I'm channeling my inner Peter. My inner Neal is probably comatose from boredom at this point, LOL :D

It's probably one of my least coherent posts, lol... oh well :P
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