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Tim joins the cast of Lucifer!!! Squeeeee!

According to TV line Tim is joining the cast of Lucifer in the mid-season arc \o/ I cannot be happier right now :D I love Lucifer :D

White Collar alum Tim DeKay has landed a recurring guest star role on Fox’s Lucifer — and it sounds like he may leave a body in his wake.

TVLine has learned exclusively that DeKay will appear in Season 2’s Episodes 12 and 13 as Dr. Jacob Carlisle, a brilliant neuroscience professor whose encounter with Lucifer will have deadly ramifications on someone the Devil cares about. And as we all know, that is a short list.

Source: TVLine

ETA: Looks like ep 12 is gonna air on 30 January 2017 as the mid-season finale, ep 13 TBA :D

Oooh, hmmmm... okay, if I was gonna place a bet, maybe[Spoiler (click to open)]
Linda? I mean, Mom is too big of a gun, they wouldn't kill off Chloe and I hope they won't kill off Maze... Amenadiel is also a possibility... This is gonna be so awesome, heee :D

And let me leave you with one of my fav Lucifer scenes from s1 - the glorious Tom Ellis singing Sinnerman, hee... I wish we got it without the killing going on in between but, oh well...

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