October 23rd, 2014

diminished returns

Greetings from zombieland

The next time I have this awesome idea of staying up until 4am on a work day, someone smack me, please :P But I'm clinging to the fact that not all of it was my fault, heee...

*passes honey to a certain bear :P* \o/

That being said, I have a small request. Would someone be willing to grab me a copy of TV Guide that features an article about the final WC season? I think it has Gotham on the cover. I figure it's one of the last WC things to be printed, so it'd be nice to have it for keeps :D THANK YOU ♥


Woohoo \o/ Today we are celebrating the Third Annual Caffrey-Burke Day! YAY!!!

This year I don't actually have the typical wallpaper/manip/artwork piece that you would probably expect. For some reason most of my current WIPs are already for something else or they only feature one of the boys or are just too gloom and doom to post on such a happy, happy day :P So, I hooked up with a few of my awesome flisters and this year my Caffrey-Burke Day contribution is fic art for a few Peter and Neal stories ♥

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Kanarek "someone needs to write a fic for this" 13