June 5th, 2015

506 Peter

Sweet dreams :)

Wow, I had a very productive day today, I did an insane amount of screencaps, did some photoshopping, caught up with a few shows, read two RBB stories and now it's time to hit the sack because I'm going to see a movie at 10am, heeee :D It's San Andreas and no doubt I'm gonna be thinking of poor Peter and Neal in my latest manip :P

Long weekends are awesome :D

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[Artwork] Fedora Ken

Title: Fedora Ken
Fandom: MMXXL
Art characters/Pairings: Matty as Ken ♥
Rating: PG
Dimensions/Resolution: 1000x1375@300dpi

A/N: Ah, when I was at the movies today, they showed the MMXXL trailer :P ZOMG, Matty meditating in that sarong + his glorious fedora routine on a gigantic screen = hotness overload :P I think that blu-ray is gonna be my most anticipated release evah :P

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