July 14th, 2015


[Artwork] Delicious Soup

Fair warning, today's gonna be another "lemme spam my LJ" day :D

Title: Delicious Soup
Fandom: White Collar
Art characters/Pairings: Neal, Peter, Elizabeth
Rating: PG
Content Notice: safe
Dimensions/Resolution: 900x1135 @300dpi

A/N: A birthday gift for the awesome ivorysilk ♥ Recently I re-read Delicious Soup which still remains one of my favorite stories/WIPs and decided to make art for it, hee :D It might be a bit too early to go into the Christmas mood, but then again, with White Collar it's Christmas every day :D Happy birthday \o/

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[Artwork] Magic Banana!

Title: Magic Banana!
Fandom: MMXXL, Minions
Art characters/Pairings: Ken, a bunch of Minions
Rating: PG
Content Notice: safe but very LOL
Dimensions/Resolution: 1300x1600 @72dpi

A/N: And the birthday frenzy continues with a gift for the wonderful joy2190 :D \o/ Today is a special day for both of us because Joy is going to see the Minions movie and I am going to see MMXXL, so the gift was a no-brainer, heeeeeeeeeeee :D Happy birthday ♥

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