March 23rd, 2016

prom pic, heart

Bingo \o/

I managed to complete another bingo card - this time for Round 9 of Gen Prompt Bingo :D I took me quite some time to finally fill the remaining two squares to have the Cross + bingo, but now it's done and posted and I'm all ready for the next round, hee :D

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I'm wondering if for the next round I can maybe work on a bingo made only of fluffy fills, heee. Just to challenge myself, lol. Somehow the whump just makes itself, it's the fluffy fills that require work :D

Easter :D

I came across this little clip I recorded ages ago and saved to my NAS. One of out channels has these self-promotion clips with a dog in various situations. It's a real shame they are so short and kinda distorted but this one is for Easter and it's still fun, heee :D Poor doggy, lol :D

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