April 1st, 2016


Photo Meme: Day 9 - Black

Woohoo, black is definitely one of my colors :D I own a number of black things, clothes, appliances, various devices which usually are black :D I was gonna go with my phone but then I thought that there is actually another black thing that's even more suitable :D

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White Collar - happy 2

W00T! Gen Prompt Bingo Round 10 - I haZ new card :P

Yayay, today is the start of a new round of Gen Prompt Bingo \o/ This time I decided neither to opt-in nor to opt-out of any categories but because they have introduced something new to the mix - mainly prompt types - I asked for a fanfic-free card. That means they skipped prompts that are specified as fanfic prompts (only a handful but since I don't write, I have zero use for them :)

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