June 16th, 2016


TGIT rambles \o/

It's finally Thursday and in about 3h my work week is gonna be over. I decided to take tomorrow off in order to properly squee and fangirl all over The Last Tycoon. It premieres tomorrow on Amazon ♥ The initial reviews are glorious, of course that doesn't mean much in terms of me liking it, I have to see it to form an opinion but OMG, it's Matt, it just cannot go wrong, LOL.

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Neal sketch

Quick The Last Tycoon update

They are releasing it at midnight the time zone you are in, right now Japan is already able to watch it, Germany and Austria are next (I honestly didn't think they would do it this way, heee). Best part - as expected, the Pilot is for FREE, you don't need Prime, just an account. You're gonna need Prime to watch the whole season but we'll worry about that next year :P

Less than 5 hours to go for us on this side of the pond :P