June 22nd, 2016


[Artwork] The Last Tycoon (various media)

Over the weekend I have made a few quick TLT-related things, mostly while I was going through caps, some of them were just begging for an edit. It's nothing really elaborate but I decided to post them here anyway along with the GIF sets I also made ♥ I'm still re-doing the caps because I'm crazy that way, LOL. Hopefully I can finish them today and I will be officially more or less done with TLT in terms of creative output. I wanna go back to Peter and Neal because I keep coming up with new ideas and I want to work on them :D One thing I can already promise, I'm gonna kick off my HC Bingo fills this weekend with the fluffiest whump you can imagine, heeeee :P I think even Neal will agree that getting whumped was sooo worth it :P

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