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OMG, these days everything is taking me forever *headdesk* but this is just a quick post to let you know that...

I have updated the SeaQuest gallery - more pics and now in glorious 1080p instead of 720p, pure gold if you need young Tim for art projects, hee :D

As promised, I'm still updating the American Crime gallery every Monday - these, in turn, are my go to pics for post-series Peter because ZOMG, Tim is killing me in this one :P

I have some older Matty updates to process but these will get separate posts anyway :D The Last Tycoon is almost done filming, so I'm kinda hoping we will get the first season sometime in June? ♥ TLT is a closed set so the only pics we're getting are those taken by the cast and crew themselves - so, not many of them but still some good ones :D

Matt is looking soooo gorgeous and this show is gonna slay us, I'm sure :D

In other news, I've signed up for slashorific again this year, can't wait to learn the theme and the prompts. I already have ideas but I just need to know I can fit them into the challenge :P I'm also super excited about RBB - I also have ideas for this one ♥ Maybe I can finally catch a break and do some fun stuff, work's been really killing me these past months /o\

Well, short update is short but at least it's something, hee :D
Tags: actor: matt bomer, actor: tim dekay, show: seaquest, show: the last tycoon
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