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04 May 2017 @ 10:24 pm
[Artwork] Dreamscape (Wake Up Neal)  
Title: Dreamscape (Wake Up Neal)
Fandom: White Collar
Art characters/Pairings: Neal, Sara, Peter, Moz, El
Art rating: PG
Content Notice: safe
Dimensions/Resolution: 800x600 px GIF 70MB

Note: A very happy birthday to my friend sheenianni \o/ Wheeeeee :D I hope you had a lovely day with tons of awesome gifts to put a smile on your face :D I made you a little something but I don't really know what it is, lolol, one of those days when the muse goes rougue, lol :D But I know you like hearing about ideas so here's my interpretation:

A) Neal is hurt and is sleeping while his body is healing and he is having dreams about his time in NYC... and he really misses Sara :P

B) Tag to series finale when Neal is under the influence of tetrodotoxin and is having dreams or visions about what he is leaving behind :P

Weird art is weird but I hope you like it, it's also large so it might take a sec to load :P

Direct download link if the pic doesn't load

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Sherylynsherylyn on May 5th, 2017 05:25 pm (UTC)
Hee!! That sounds like a really fun event! I hope you have a fantastic time!!
sheeniannisheenianni on May 5th, 2017 05:40 pm (UTC)
Thanks! We'll try :)